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At Mikazuki Water Park 365, we make customer satisfaction a priority. Since we opened our doors in 2020, we’ve provided a wide range of entertainment options to guests from all over the country.

As a leading Mikazuki Water Park, we believe that a little bit of fun can go a long way. That's why we continuously strive to improve our services and offerings. From a wide range of dining choices to rides that are enough to get your heart racing, your enjoyment at Mikazuki Water Park 365 is guaranteed. Visit us today and get ready to unleash your inner child!

1. Biggest Indoor Water Park in Viet Nam

Indeed anyone who has visited Mikazuki Water Park 365 has been interested in the ample space and many exciting entertainment activities. As a part of Da Nang Mikazuki entertainment complex, the Water Park has 2 play areas: indoor and outdoor. The indoor with an area of ​​up to 11,400m2 is a great place for a family or friend to unwind.

2. Worry-free about weather while playing at Mikazuki Water Park 365 - Indoor Area!

Don't let the bad weather or the temperature get in the way of the fun. At Mikazuki Water Park 365, things are active all year-round with 365 days; this is the naming idea for our modern and exciting Japanese-style water park.

+ Water is always kept warm at a suitable level (warmed in winter) so that you and your family can comfortably enjoy wonderful relaxing moments.

+ Get rid of the worries of sunburn for the skin, or the rambling rain affecting health, have fun under a dome with various exciting entertainment activities.

+ Full-of fun activities all day long with many exciting activities: diving in water activities: wave pool, dragon slide, lazy river... enjoy Japanese cuisine at Matsuri area and restaurants, bars other coffee; Take care of your health with Onsen, Himalayan salt rock sauna, beauty spa treatments…

3. Experience the longest indoor water slide in Viet Nam!

Sliding inside a spiral tube, shifting yourself inside the twisting slide is something you can not meet. Dispel all worries and tiredness, take a deep breath and relax, because the longest indoor slide adventure in Vietnam awaits you at Mikazuki Water Park 365. This wonderful feeling will be extended slightly with a length of up to 140m. The indoor water park's highlight is its one-of-a-kind dragon design.

4. Unique water slide with an inside rainbow effect in Viet Nam!

As if the sensation of swiftly sliding through a water tunnel is not enough to peg your fun meter, we will boost your mood right away with a rainbow-effect water slide! At Mikazuki Water Park 365, the Dragon water slide ride is even more unforgettable will colorful LED light. The joy of sliding through a rainbow to find the golden jar is just like that fun!

5. The wave pool at Mikazuki Water Park 365 is the second-largest indoor artificial sea in Viet Nam

Bring the sea under a roof, push up the joy of playing with the waves without being afraid of the hot sun. With an area of up to 2,400m2, you and your family can fully enjoy diving in the clear blue water, with the artificial wave system up to 0.7m high.

6. First indoor hot water park in Viet Nam

With the idea of ​​creating a complex entertainment area that is year-round active, Mikazuki Water Park 365 is the first indoor hot water park in Vietnam. You may fully immerse yourself in a variety of exciting water games without worrying about the temperature. The water is kept at 30 degrees Celsius to provide the most pleasing experience to consumers. 

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